Why choose a .vip domain?
Invite your audience behind the velvet rope with a .vip domain extension. A .vip domain name gives you and your website an air of luxury and exclusivity. It’s perfect for fashion models, actresses, musicians, and anyone who wants their customers and clients to feel like they’re part of a special inner circle. Register your .vip domain name today, and get ready for your life on the A-list.

.vip is a newer, generic top-level domain (TLD), having first become available to the public in 2016. That means that anyone in the world can register a .vip domain name, and because it hasn’t been around as long as other domain extensions, you have a better chance at securing your name of choice. With .vip, you and your website will have an exciting name that’s certain to get your visitors’ interest. Why wait? With .vip, your marketing starts before customers even visit your website.


Fashion models, actresses, female singers, and brands in the nightlife, travel, and entertainment industries are ideally suited for a .vip domain name. A generic .com domain extension won’t cut it if you want to make your clients and customers feel like they’re part of the A-list crowd.

.VIP Benefits

If you and/or your business likes to provide a luxurious, world-class experience, a .vip domain name could be the perfect choice, especially if the .com domain extension is already taken. The .vip domain extension sounds unique, personalized, and custom, just like you and your brand.

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